Wednesday, 27 April 2011

seminar 2011- week of the 7th January

so a decision has been made flash back party it is because the Caribbean queen boat is already booked out! and more work is added to the PR committee, that is to promote party using various mediums. i am tired of it and  i am stressed.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

seminar 2011- week of the 7th February

i dont understand why everybody in the seminar meeting especially p/timers are jumping down PR committee. they want us to do banner for the seminar, we are to do a ebsite for the Aism group, we are to inform third year and second year of aism, we are to get cst for items such as pens, bags, portfolio and the list goes on. there are only si persons in the cmmittee for God sake, we only can do so much and only so much.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

seminar 2011- week of the 31st January

still unecided about the event, but of course we don't have any say! if we say we want something the facilitator are going to rule in their favor. it seems they are the one doing the planning and we are the helper. oh and there is still the issue of our vest. we have been told it would be here no it has pushed back to two weeks time. oh boy!

seminar 2011- week of the 24th January

decisions are taking on whether to have a pre valentine boat ride or party in order to make 700,000 in aggregate! help me lord!! i dont think its fair.