Monday, 2 May 2011

AISM 2011

Exams are around the corner and i have alot of coursework to do! it is not an easy road

seminar 2011 - week of April18

Seminar has drained me, it makes it even hard to concentrate on m other course work and to to give it 100%. I am soooo happy it is over and done..yea

seminar 2011- week of the 11th april

So seminar has come and gone. all the long and tiresome work as paid off...The AISM 29th annual seminar was a success. Thanks to our facilitators, fellow team members and well wishers. The storm is over, storm is over nw tell u i can see the sunlight!!:)

seminar 2011- week of the 4th April

so this is the week for seminar-AISM 29th Annual Seminar. More intense pressure. Tuesday the Aism group is off o prepare the jamaica conference center as we are the logistics team.

seminar 2011- week of the 28th march

Seminar next week. This week is so chaotic every major running round doing last minute preparation! Facilitators even make the pressure more intense as they seek to meet the objectives. more stress, in addition  have tests and presentations.

seminar 2011- week of the 28th march

seminar is about two weeks away and i still have outstanding money. i have not the slightest clue where i am going to get such money. this query goes for most members of the aism family. facilitators have been calling on persons to pay up outstanding money and most persons dont have it. there i also additional cost for working suit for seminar...hmmm

seminar 2011- week of the 21st march

brand fair...hmmm....did not go as plan because of the last minute arrangements. however, we did manage to make some money from the cake sale aspect of it. this is the outcome of being forced to do things that we do not wan to do and things that are unnecessary.